Saturday, 27 November 2010

The past two weeks have been the best of the foundation so far. Having specialised in Fine Art, I now feel comfortable and confident enough to go all out and push my work as far as possible.

I ventured into completely unknown territories, aiming to make a video piece. Not realising just how difficult this was I set myself extremely ambitous goals. Although I had to change my ideas significantly as I went along, I was satisfied with the end result.
I was looking at how the media presents serious articles and images about wars, natural disasters etc with seemingly no consideration. Superficial, materialistic and vein articles and adverts are placed next to tragic stories. It may be the medias way of earning money but it also allows the viewer to be happily distracted from what really matters. Escapism is provided so that we can shut-out what we don't want to know.

For my video I placed two pieces of TV footage next to each other on a split screen. In the crit the group didn't pick up on my thinking behind it but they did comment on it making them feel uncomfortable. They also discussed a sense of power being expressed.

Lots of artists fed my work but in particular Candice Breitz's videos. In her piece 'Her' Breitz has taken clips from films with Meryl Streep to create a conversation.

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